Learn The Secret To Finding The Perfect Place To Bike Where The Weather Is Ideal…There’s No Traffic…AND Is Closer To Home Than You Think

It’s finally spring.

You’ve been waiting all winter to get back on your bike and start cranking out some miles.

But there’s a problem.

The outdoor temperature is just above freezing and the winds are gusting over 20 miles and hour.

Do you suffer the weather and drag yourself and your bike outside and face the headwind?

Do you do that little debate in your head about staying inside where its warm and promising yourself to double your miles tomorrow when its nicer outside?

When you’re low on motivation to get back into a consistent exercise routine…the last thing you need is playing mind games with yourself just to fit in some time on your bike.

So what is the best way to build a consistent biking routine even when the weather is crappy outside?

How can you eliminate most if not all the excuses for not biking every single day?

What if there was a way to stop the mind games and use your motivation for eating healthier instead of forcing yourself to get on that bike seat?

Keep reading because you’re about to learn the reasons why it is so much better for your body, your self confidence and your consistency to bike indoors right at home.

Let’s get real about the magic of the magnetic cycle trainer.

With a magnetic cycle trainer you can:

Keep using the bike you already have.

Adjust the resistance to match your current level of training.

Get the feel of riding on the road or trail and use the gears on your bike just like would outdoors.

Catch up on your favorite streaming shows and turn your couch potato time into exercise time.

Hop off your bike any time you want and get a sip of water or even run to the restroom if nature calls.

Eliminate the wasted time driving to and from your favorite biking route.

Put your trainer in the same room where you sleep so you can literally roll out of bed and start biking.

Hop on your bike and crank out a quick mile or two to wake yourself up if you’re getting tired during the day.

Last…stop complaining about the weather and making excuses about riding outside.

On your cycle trainer…the temperature is always perfect (air conditioning or furnace)…there’s no headwind to ride against…you don’t even need to wear sunblock.

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